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Shenzhen QH Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 2004, is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-accuracy pogo pin connectors and magnetic pogo pin connectors. We not only run the business of pogo pin connectors, magnetic pogo pin connectors, and magnetic pogo pin chargers, but also offer various kinds of M5 connectors, M8 connectors, M12 connectors, and M16 connectors. The pogo pin connector is a spring probe constituted by a needle shaft, a spring, and a needle tube, with a precise spring structure inside. It is widely used in electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, printers, communication equipment, LED lights, etc. 

QH will go all out to create value for customers by always adhering to building a cutting-edge supplier of spring loaded pogo pin connectors in electronic communication equipment.

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Cable & Pogo Pin Connector

These magnetic cables & pogo pin connectors are widely applied to electronic devices like mobile phones, smart watches, laptops, LED lights, etc. Such cables and connectors also exhibit a new trend in the electronics industry for their intrinsic properties. (see our blog)

Magnetic cable connector is an electrical connection method 

Magnetic connector is an incredibly useful accessory to purchase

Offers different Pogo Pin Connectors for sale

Pogo pins are basically spring-loaded metal sticks. 

New trend connector for electronic products

Support customization for all the electronic device

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With an unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a complete range of pogo pin connector services, all at highly competitive pricing that focuses on true value for our clients.

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Is a high-tech enterprise integrating  R&D, production, service and sales

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Low price with professional service delivery

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A leading electrical cable connectors & pogo pin connectors and various pogo pin connectors manufacturer

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Win-Win cooperation is the best cooperation

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We focus on industry technology innovation. Flexibly meet the differentiated needs of pogo pin and the pursuit of rapid innovation of different customers around the world

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Pogo Pin Connector Application

We are a global designer and manufacturer of magnetic cable connector and pogo pin connector system solutions for consumer electronics, enterprise, automotive, and medical applications.


Consumer Electronices

Innovative connectivity solutions for LoT, wearables,smartphones and tablets.


Automotive & Medical Solutions

Connectivity solutions for the automotive and medical industries.


Communications & Aerospace Solutions

Innovative connectivity solutions for communications, aerospace Solutions

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