Magnetic Pogo Pin Cable Connector

Magnetic Pogo Pin Cable Connector
  1. Current Rating : 1-3 A
  2. Pin : 4 Pin
  3. Magnetic force :N 52 (As requirement)
  4. Type : Straight Pins


The Magnetic Cable Connector consists of a Male Magnetic pogo pin cable and Female Magnetic pogo pin connectors. Data, power and signals can be transmitted through the attraction of male and female magnets. In other words, its use is relatively easy, and the users only need to bring both ends close to achieve suction charging.


Brass(C3604)/Plastic PVC,PC/ABS /Magnet

Pin Salt Fog


Pin Plated

Gold Plated 3U”(Can be customized)

Connector Type



4 Pin


As drawing


black (Can be customized)

Magnetic Force

N 52 (As requirement)

Rated Current&Voltage

1A~3A/12V, can be customized



Specification of Magnetic Charging Cable Connector


Introduction To Magnetic Charging Cable

1:In the fierce differentiated product strategy competition, user experience has become the pursuit for any intelligent product designer. After the traditional plug-in board self-locking connector products, a new connection scheme which is the magnetic charging cable is gradually applied to the intelligent high-end product market. The connection solution has the advantages of a long life of pogo pin connector, automatic adsorption connection, easy removal of adsorption interface, high waterproof level and unlikely to loosen the machine.

2:The magnetic charging cables consist of a pogo pin magnetic connector and connecting cables. It is an optimized upgraded solution based on the function of charging and statistics and signal transmission applying adapters, micro USB, Type-C, and HDMI. More than 20 kinds of standard magnetic charging cables and more than 300 customized ones are currently available in QH. QH products conform to RoHS, ISO certification, REACH, etc.

3:The applications of magnetic cables enjoy increasing popularity such as Consumer Electronics, Smart Wear, Smart Home, Health Detectors, the Internet of Things, the Medical Industry, Household Appliances, etc.

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