4 Pin SMT Pogo Pin Connector

4 Pin SMT Pogo Pin Connector
  1. Current Rating: 0-30A
  2. Spring Force: 20gf ~5000gf
  3. Gold Plating: 1uin to 50uin
  4. Waterproof: Customizable
  5. Lifecycles: Can be as high as 1,000,000 times
  6. Dimension: Diameter: 2.0mm
                           Radius: 1.4-12mm


A 4 Pin SMT Pogo Pin Connector is assembled by pogo pins and a housing of 4 pins. As 4-pin pogo pins can not only improve the mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of the connector but protect the connector form being corroded, they are widely applied to charge or transmit signals for digital devices like computers, printers, GPS, equipment in communication, medical care, aviation and so on.

The advantages of pogo pins include high assembly density, small size of electronic products, light weight, high reliability, strong anti-vibration ability, and low solder joint defect rate. Also, the communication technology of pogo pin has high frequency that can reduce electromagnetic and RF interference. 

Name  4 Pin SMT Pogo Pin Connector  
Materials Plunger Brass 1-200u” Au over Ni
  Barrel Brass 1-200u” Au over Ni
  Spring SUS surface treatment
Mechanical Contact force 0-5kg at working stroke
  Life test 1,000,000 cycles
Eletrical Rated current and voltage 0-30A; DC 12V
  Contact-resistance 10-50milliohm Max

Customized Service And Drawing Of Pogo Pin Connector

4 Pin Pogo Connector

Applications Of 4 Pin SMT Pogo Pin Connector

1: Consumer electronics products/PCB boards
2: Digital cameras/Medical products/ Printer cartridges
3: Golf handles/ Electric vehicles/ Telephony applications
4: Cardiac defibrillators/Car charging /Air purifiers
5: LED flat luminaries/LED flash lights/Tablets/Laptops/PCs
6: Power banks/ Digital products/ Small household electrical application
7: Charging products/Signal transmission products etc.

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