7 Pin Solder Cup Pogo Connector

7 Pin Solder Cup Pogo Connector
  1. Current Rating: 0-30A
  2. Spring Force: 20gf ~5000gf
  3. Gold Plating: 1uin to 50uin
  4. Waterproof: Customizable
  5. Lifecycles: Can be as high as 1,000,000 times 
  6. Dimension: Diameter: 2.0mm Radius: 1.4-12mm


Pogo pin refers to a spring probe formed by three basic components of a needle shaft, a spring and a needle tube after being riveted and preloaded by a precision instrument. Almost every pogo pin has its surface coating being gold-plated to promote its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, and electrical conductivity. As for a pogo pin connector, it is composed of a housing and pogo pins. The number of such pins can be customized according to customer requirements. 

Name  7 Pin Solder Cup Pogo Connector  
Materials Plunger Brass 1-200u” Au over Ni
  Barrel Brass 1-200u” Au over Ni
  Spring SUS surface treatment
Mechanical Contact force 0-5kg at working stroke
  Life test 1,000,000 cycles
Eletrical Rated current and voltage 0-30A; DC 12V
  Contact-resistance 10-50milliohm Max

Customized Service And Drawing Of Pogo Pin Connector

4 Pin Pogo Connector

Applications Of 7 Pin Solder Cup Pogo Connector

1: Consumer electronics products/PCB boards
2: Digital cameras/Medical products/ Printer cartridges
3: Golf handles/ Electric vehicles/ Telephony applications
4: Cardiac defibrillators/Car charging /Air purifiers
5: LED flat luminaries/LED flash lights/Tablets/Laptops/PCs
6: Power banks/ Digital products/ Small household electrical application
7: Charging products/Signal transmission products etc.

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