How to choose the right spring thimble?

Firstly, the working stroke of the spring thimble.

The choice of spring thimble must be based on the use of the product space, choose within the range of work; Too little space will compress the spring of the spring thimble too much, which will affect the service life. Too much space may cause the contact to be out of place, impedance instability and instantaneous breaking of the image.

Secondly, electroplating materials.

Generally, the probe is coated, mainly to prevent corrosion and rust of the material, and to reduce friction between components to reduce wear and internal resistance. Test probe coating materials are gold, nickel, rhodium and so on. Usually with gold plating, nickel plating.

Benefits of gold plating:

1. Gold plating is to prevent copper rust, rust after the copper will increase the resistance, the stability of the probe and the use of function will also be affected
2. The gold coating has good ductility, easy polishing, high temperature resistance and good color resistance. Gilding the silver prevents it from discoloration; Gold alloy coating can be presented in a variety of colors, so it is often used as a decorative coating, such as plated jewelry, watch parts, works of art, etc.

3. Gold plating has low contact resistance, good electrical conductivity, easy welding, strong corrosion resistance, and a certain wear resistance (refers to hard gold), so it has a wide range of applications in precision instruments, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, shells, electrical contacts, etc.

Benefits of nickel plating:

Nickel plating has high toughness and chemical stability. The cost of nickel plating is much lower than the cost of gold plating, and nickel plating can also achieve the effect of oxidation resistance and wear resistance, but its conductivity is not as good as gold plating, and the reduction of resistance and good conductivity are very important in the probe industry, so the application of gold plating is more frequent.

Thirdly, what are the effects of electroplating.

Spring thimble at work must contact will produce certain friction for a long time so there will be wear, the thickness of the electroplating film thickness will have a great impact on the service life of the product, when the use of a certain limit when the electroplating is worn away, there may be too large resistance, impedance instability and so on.

Fourthly, the impact of elasticity.

The contact force of the spring thimble originates from the internal spring. The size of the spring elastic force can directly affect the impedance of the spring thimble. If the elastic force is too large, the friction coefficient will be increased and the service life of the spring thimble will be affected.

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