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Shenzhen QH Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 2004, mainly focuses on the research and production of pogo pins, pin connectors, and magnetic connectors, magnetic charging cable, or magnetic chargers. Our company has got ISO9001 certification, and all the products we make meet the RoHS requirement.

Types of products of QH Industrial:(1)Pogo pins: QH Industrial has many types of pins: SMT pogo pin, SMD pogo pin, double sided pogo pin, rolling pogo pin and etc. (2) pin connectors: 2 pin connector, 3 pin connector, 4 pin connector, 5 pin connector, 6 pin connector, 7 pin connector and 8 pin connector so on. (3) Magnetic pogo pin connectors: magnetic pogo pin is generally assembled by pin connectors and magnet with different pin numbers such as 2pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 6pin, 7pin and 8 pin. Magnetic pin connector is mainly divided into 1-8 pin according to the number of interfaces, and can also be designed and customized according to the customer’s needs. Magnetic pin connectors may do better in many aspects, such as convenience and easy operation. (4)Magnetic cable connectors: there are a series of specifications of chargers, 2 pin magnetic charger, 3 pin magnetic charger, 4 pin magnetic charger, round pogo pin charger, 4 pin type C etc.


                                                                    The design drawings of single pogo pin


1> Current Rating : 1A to 60A
2> Spring Force: 20gf ~5000gf
3> Gold Plating: 1uin to 50uin
4> Waterproof
5> Lifecycles: Can be as higher as 1,000,000
6> Dimension can be manufactured in different diameters / length to fulfill different application

The ranger of application of our products: Products of QH Industrial are widely used in electronic devices, such as computer tablet, mobile phone, smart bracelet, VR, digital camera, automobile, medical equipment. Our products can also be applied in such fields, smart eye mask, smart camera, smart small appliances, electronic cigarette, physical therapy instruments, sweeping robot, sports equipment, LED lighting, air purifier, electric toothbrush, smart watch, smart blood pressure meter, locator, car navigation, smart Bluetooth headset, smart robot, smart physical therapy and beauty instruments, smart data line, smart eye mask, drone, smart audio, thermometer, juicer, portable coffee machine, Milk warmer, electric heating lunch box, magnetic charger, heating belt and so on.

Characteristics: QH Industrial’ s spring-loaded connectors and pins consist of a pin, barrel, and steel spring with or without an insulator carrier. QH Industrial’s spring-loaded connectors and pins are versatile to meet specific stroke lengths, heights, and electrical capabilities. Various stroke lengths, heights, and electrical capabilities are available with 3D model. The quality of spring and spring force are very important for magnetic chargers, or magnetic charging cables.

Even if some models are not available, QH Industrial can rapidly make some samples with 3D model which helps customers evaluate if the design can meet their needs. (High-temperature plastics compose the insulators, and unlimited molding designs that allow for many different shapes and styles to be created for specific applications.)

In reality, the sales of magnetic pin connectors require manufacturers to make the original design first according to the application and performance requirements of customers, so we have the ability of one-stop solution such as R & D, production, sales and after-sales service.

Why select the magnetic charging cable or the magnetic charger:

                                                                                    Magnetic pin connector

As we mentioned above, our products of magnetic pogo pin can meet various requirements. Now take a look at the advantages of magnetic chargers or magnetic pogo pin:


A magnetic cable is similar in many ways to a regular cable. The difference is that it comes with a few added features that make connection much more convenient.

(1) The magnetic charger is convenient and quick to connect. No precise alignment is required, and only the magnets N and S are automatically attracted to save time. It means that you will no longer have to fumble around to charge your phone. This is particularly important when using your phone as you drive. You can easily snap the cable into the phone without having to take both hands off the wheel and taking your eyes off the road.

(2)The connection is reliable and stable. The connection also prevents misuse. Plugging the charger into your phone incorrectly and forcing it to insert could potentially break the device. We’ve all experienced this before: plugging in a charger and realizing it’s oriented the wrong way. With a magnetic charger, that will never be a problem! Moreover, because of the use of pogo pin contact conduction, the service life is long.

(3)The installation method is flexible, and it can be inserted directly, vertically, side-slip and in any direction, and the cost of changing the direction of the connector will not increase significantly. The size of the suction force can be achieved through the selection of the size of the magnetic flux of the magnet and the design of the size of the magnet.

(4)It can achieve IP68 waterproof level. Our products are waterproof electrical connectors and protect the USB charging cables or magnetic chargers from breaking down because of water.

(5)It protects the components. This is a huge advantage that you shouldn’t ignore. The magnetic port that attaches to your phone has the ability to protect the components underneath from drops, dust, water, and other harmful conditions. If you’ve ever had to replace or repair a phone due to dirty or damaged charging pins, then you know how important this is.

(6) It helps people with coordination issues. Another surprising benefit that this type of chargers brings is that it helps people who aren’t as dexterous. People who suffer from hand tremors (resulting from injury, Parkinson’s disease, or other similar conditions) will no longer run into issues when trying to charge their devices.

In addition to these benefits, a magnetic charger can easily do the same things your regular charger can. Fast charging is still possible and compatibility is never an issue. You’ll find that your magnetic charger is essentially an upgrade to its older counterparts—and what an upgrade it is!

QH Industrial’ s products have been widely applied in many fields and countries. Our products sell well in America, Austria, Korea and so on. Here are some partners QH Industrial has cooperated with.

QH Industrial’s products flexibly meet the differentiated needs of pogo pin and the pursuit of rapid innovation of different customers around the world, and therefore enjoy good reputation among our customers, including HUWEI, XIAOMI, ZEBRA, BOSCH, and so on.

In conclusion, products of QH Industrial are good value for money. Visit our website to browse our wide selection of products.

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