M8 Female Cable Connector

1.Specification :M 8
3.Protection :IP 65 /IP 67
4.Diameter:3.5-5 mm
5. Temperature range:0℃~+80℃


The M8 connector is a circular connector with a 8-mm locking thread that is used primarily in factory automation applications for actuators, sensors, industrial ethernet, and Fieldbus. M8 connectors are designed for washdown and corrosive environments. They are available with 3, 4, 5, 8, and 12 pins. Users must select the correct pin count for specific applications. Our M8 connector system provides a full solution that includes connectors and cable assemblies. M8 connectors are found in many applications, including agriculture, alternative energy, communications, factory automation, measurement and control, robotics, and transportation. 

The screw thread of the 4-hole elbow of the connector is M8*1, the 2-meter PVC cable is poured, which can play the role of current transmission and signal connection between various instruments and equipment.

This connector has good waterproof performance and saves the re-wiring time.It’s with stable performance and fast connection.It’s suitable for various fields, which is widely used in sensors, electronic instruments, transmission control systems, etc.




Solder moulded-on cable

 3.5-5 mm


As drawing


black (Can customized)


2 m or customized

Tempreture range

0 ℃~ +80℃



Specification of M8 Female Cable Connector


1.Suitable for all connected environment application ,such as photoelectric sensor,Label sensor,Ultrasonic sensor,Positioning encoder etc.

2.Quick plug:The product adopts the international standard interface form, supplemented by the standard thread connection method.The sensor, connector and junction box are simply screwed together to complete.

3.Portable operation, no field wire bonding required.It can simplify field operations and improve work efficiency to reduce labor costs.


M 8 connector are mainly used for Industrial equipment ,such as outdoor light boxes, construction machinery production, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery and equipment, hydraulic machine tools, sensors etc.