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A Pogo pin refers to a spring probe formed by the three basic components of a needle shaft, a spring and a needle tube after being riveted and preloaded by a precision instrument. Almost every pogo pin has its surface coating being gold-plated to promote its anti-corrosion function, mechanical performance, electrical performance, high voltage and so on. In terms of the needle tip of a pogo pin, we offer various kinds including sharp needles, grasping needles, round head needles, knife needles, high current pogo pin connector etc.

Pogo pins are generally used for precise connection in mobile phones, portable electronic devices, communications, automobiles, medical treatment, aerospace and other high current pogo pins electronic products. With pogo pins, the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of the connectors in such devices can be better improved. Besides, a pogo pin is a considerably fine probe, because it can reduce the weight and volume of a precise connector the probe is applied to, and thus enable the connector to be finer and more delicate in appearance.