The Applications of Magnetic Charging

The applications of magnetic charging

Pogo pins (spring pins) are a type of precise and compact electronic components, often used for current and signal transmission. Pogo pins are used in many products seen in our daily life and work, such as smart watches and bracelets (magnetic charging ports), magnetic charging cables (charging interface), TWS Bluetooth headphones(the male end of the pogo pin in the charging compartment and the female end of the headphones), printer, projector, etc. Pogo pins mentioned in daily life refer to male end, or the end with spring, and the corresponding female end is named as turned parts, also as electrodes.

smart watch
magnetic connector(docking station)

Regular pogo pins are composed of three components: the pin shaft, the spring and the pin tube. There are many products extended from pogo pin connectors (pogo pin + plastic base), magnetic connectors (pogo pin connector + magnet), magnetic charging cables (magnetic connector + cable part) etc. Therefore, they are very widely used.


pogo pin connectors
magnetic cable connectors
  1. Consumer electronic industry (printer, smartphone, laptop, pad, tablet PCs, atomizers, electronic cigarettes, LED lamps)
  2. Smart wearable products (TWS Bluetooth earphones, headsets, smart watches, smart bracelets, smart clothes, etc.)
  3. Smart home appliances, smart hairdressing appliances, smart handheld devices, smart sports equipment, smart physiotherapy and beauty equipment.
  4. Drone equipment, big health products, the Internet of Things, the intelligent data center, portable devices and smart robots.
  5. Aerospace electronics, medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, 5G communication electronics, military and police equipment electronics.
LED lamp
magnetic charger

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