What are the application areas of spring pin connectors?

Pogopin (spring pin) is a kind of precision electronic hardware, often as a current and signal transmission connection. pogopin can be used in many products in daily work and life, such as smartwatch bracelet (magnetic charging port), magnetic charging cable (charging port), TWS headset (male end of pogopin in the female part of the headset and the charging bin), printer, projector, etc. pogopin in daily reference refers to the male end, that is, the end with a spring. The corresponding female end is called a turning piece, also known as an electrode.

Conventional pogopin spring needle consists of three parts: needle shaft, spring and needle tube. There are many products extended by pogopin: pogopin connector (pogopin+ plastic base), magnetic suction connector (pogopin connector + magnet), magnetic charging wire (magnetic suction connector + cable part), etc. Therefore, it is widely used.

Pogo pin connector | spring needle application areas are:

1. Consumer electronics industry (printers, smart phones, laptops, tablets, nebulizers,electronic cigarettes, LED lamps)

2. Smart wearable products (TWS Bluetooth headset, headphone, smart watch, smart bracelet, smart clothing, etc.)

3. intelligent home appliances, intelligent hair appliances, intelligent handheld devices, intelligent sports equipment, intelligent physical therapy and beauty equipment.

4. Uav equipment, big health products, Internet of Things devices, smart data centers, portable devices, intelligent robots.

5.aerospace electronics, medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, 5G communications electronics, military and police equipment electronics.

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