Why Choose Pogo Pin?

Why choose POGO PIN?

Nowadays, common cable connectors often expose problems such as chaotic wiring, unstable current supply, poor water resistance and difficult to carry.Obviously,the use of electronic products is becoming more and more common, cable connectors are no longer suitable for large-scale use.POGO PIN has become the Choice of more and more electronic products with its unique advantages.

What is pogo pin?

POGO PIN is a kind of precision connector, which has the characteristics of small size, large current, strong contact, stable performance, etc.It can not only reduce the weight and volume of the connector, but also make the connector more refined and beautiful.And it is widely used in the connection of semiconductor devices,such as Antenna connection, grounding, signal connection, various industrial control connection equipment, electrical and electronic connections, signal transmission, charging connections and battery connectors, as well as electronic cigarettes, aerospace, medical, communications, toys and other electronic industries.

The Types of POGO PIN are rich and diverse, which is divided into categories.Customers can choose corresponding types of spring electrodes, POGO PIN probes, and contact sheet series according to their own product needs.

The advanteges of our company

The manufacture of POGO PIN spring needles is inseparable from a development team with great craftsmanship and fine design .We have more than ten years experience in product development and manufacturing. It adopts a series of complete machinery and equipment such as cutting machines, P3 lathes, automatic assembly machines and quality inspection equipment.Ensuring product quality during product design, development and manufacturing.In addition, we can design products according to customers’ drawings and requirements.At the meanwhile,we provide customers with high-speed and stable product assembly to meet customers’ best needs for products.

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